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AIMS Games 2019

ACC SportSmart is a proud sponsor of AIMS games 2019, New Zealand’s largest youth sporting event where over 11,500 intermediate aged children compete across 23 different sport codes.

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Come and see us at AIMS games

Visit us at the ACC SportSmart Zones to learn how to get the most out of your game and minimise the risk of injury.


Warm up

The game doesn’t start until you have warmed up. To prepare well for the game, run through the ACC Sportsmart Warm Ups. Qualified Fit4Football, NetballSmart and RugbySmart trainers will show you the proven way to warm up to improve performance and minimise the risk of injury.

ACC SportSmart Warm Up

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Cool down and recovery

The game doesn’t end until you’ve cooled down and recovered. Learn helpful cool down and recovery skills using our fun and interactive Cool Down Body Motion game.



Protect your sporting future by dealing with concussion. Look after yourself and your team mates by learning to recognise the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do with our VR experience.


Physios and sports medicine doctors will be available to help assess or treat injuries including concussion.

Want more information? You can download or order resources on warming up, cooling down, recognising and managing concussion, nutrition and rest.

ACC SportSmart resources for download or order